“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Saldus Post Office – ANNO 1632 –
Kuldīgas iela 4,
Lat: N56.66721, Lon: E022.49264
The first Postal Service in Kurzeme was established by the Swedes in 1632 and it connected Riga with Klaipēda. Saldus station has served the post road to Klaipēda since then.
Saldus Postal Station, which may have been situated in Saldus manor, was not memorable for the members of the French Court who sought refuge abroad after the French Revolution in 1789. The Count of Provence, brother of deceased King Ludwig XV, arrived in Jelgava under the protection of Russia. With the change of diplomacy in 1801, he was forced to flee again during a January snow blizzard. One night he was obliged to sleep at the Saldus Postal Station where the countess had to share accommodations with the chickens. The pair trudged through the deep snow to Skrunda where the reception was not much more favorable. Only in Tadaiķi did the local Baron give the royal pair comfortable accommodations in his manor.
The Postal Station has been housed in several buildings. A separate Post Office was built only in 1926 where it remains to this day.
The Post Office is included in the list of State Historical Monuments.
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