“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Saldus Children and Youth Centre – ANNO 1893 –
Lielā iela 3b,
Lat: 56.665755, Lon: E022.491202
The building was designated as the Friendship Association Center and funded by donations collected in 1893. The Friendship Association was the longest standing organization as it was established in 1888 and existed for 52 years.
During its operation, the Society affected the basic cultural life of Saldus. Theatre performances took place here, musical concerts, parties, as well as other cultural events. Several famous musicians from the capital performed here. The locals remembered and discussed the 1905 concert by J. Rozentāls wife, singer Elli Forsell-Rozentāls for quite some time after the event. Rozentāls enjoyed preparing and painting stage sets for the Society as well as participating in the performance. The Friendship Society operated in this building until 1940. 
From 1946 to 1992, the Soviet Young Pioneers and pupil organizations operated in the building. [Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union]
Since 1992 the building functions as a gathering place for the Children and Youth Center as well as the Friendship Society. Approximately 700 children from town and the surrounding area attend various activities here, participate in competitions, shows, exhibitions, seminars, festivals, excursions and camps. The staff consists of 30 talented teachers who work with children. Currently with the new remodeling they have added a new music room and other rooms.
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