“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
The Orthodox Church of the Lord’s Appearance – ANNO late 19th Century –
Striķu iela 24/26,
Lat: N 56.66210, Lon: E022.49660
Over one hundred years ago on 18 May 1897, the foundation stone was placed for the Saldus Russian Orthodox Church. The congregation had been established earlier in 1890 when they were allocated 20 hectares of land for building and other needs. Work on the building was unexpectedly interrupted on the night of 20 September 1897, when the newly built two-storey wooden schoolhouse caught fire. In less than an hour, the building was reduced to ash. Fortunately, the building material for the church and the church office were unscathed.
During World War II, a shell destroyed the bell tower and has been replaced, although not in its original form. 
The priest’s residence “end of the 19th century” is located near the church and is built in a style uncharacteristic of residences for Orthodox Priests but reminiscent of summer cottages from wood, with large overhangs and detailed decoration and lattice work.
The icons, “The Resurrection of Christ, Christ the Ruler”, and “The virgin of Kazan” can be viewed at Saldus Russian Orthodox Church.
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