“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Kapellers’ House – ANNO 1857 – 
Striķu iela 7,
Lat: N56.66496, Lon: E022.49458
The history, development and cultural life of Saldus is not imaginable without the Kapeller family. They arrived in Saldus from Austria in 1857 where they built a house and open a pharmacy. The town did not have a doctor until the 1880s and therefore the pharmacist suggested remedies and even consulted in more serious cases of illness. 
A private hospital was installed in two rooms of the basement of the Kapeller house. The pharmacy also had a laboratory, water distillation equipment as well as a juice compressor for the preparation of syrups to be added to more bitter mixtures. 
Eduard Kapeller was elected the town’s first elder in 1859. His son Wilhelm later also carried out town elder’s duties for a few years. Members of the Kapeller family were active participants in the social life of Saldus. 
In 1906, when the Frauenburg charter of the Courland German Society was founded, W. Kapeller was elected chair. The German Society organized various events in the Kapeller house and it also housed a small library. 
Before World War II, the Kapeller family returned to Germany and the pharmacy came under the control of the Board of Chemists. In 1949 it became home to the local library and from 1950, home to the Saldus region library. 
Now the fellowship of art “Ilizanna” works in Kapeller’s house. The house little by little become a social center where you can see different exhibitions, concerts, performances, creative activities. In house there is a small shop called “The House of Owls”. 
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