“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Kalnamuiža Manor – ANNO 1789 –
Kalnamuiža iela 24,
Lat: N56.66634, LonE022.51352
The manor house is situated in Kalnsēta Park on the banks of the Ciecere River. The Manor includes the main house, servant’s quarters, a park and barns. Kalnamuiža was built in 1789 by acquiring various pieces of government land including Saldus Castle Mounds. The manor’s first owner was Georg von Recke who named the property Berghof. The manor also had a brick kiln, water mill, spirits distillery, and a dairy. 
After the death of his father, Friedrich von Recke inherited the manor. Locals say that the last Baron was unmarried and during his last days, he had a small space cleared behind the coffee house” so he could sit on his verandah, drink coffee and look out onto the graves of his ancestors. The main house also once had a trumpet built into the wall so that he could speak to the peasants.
Baron von Recke and his wife are buried in Kalnsētas Cemetery. Their headstones were restored in 1999.
During World War II the manor was a German Army Medical Aid Station.
The Manor was allocated to the Agricultural School in the 1920s. World War II, Saldus Agricultural School was located in the manor. The school was renamed Saldus Professional Secondary School in 2002. The school teaches youth construction, carpentry, firefighting and rescue operations, sewing, computer skills, or hotel services.
A granite memorial commemorating the victims of the Red Terror of 1940-1941 has been erected by the school.
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