“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Janis Rozentāls’ –
Along the bank of the Ciecere River –
Jelgavas iela 16,
Lat: N56.66751, Lon: E022.50785
The scenic bends in the Ciecere have inspired many local Saldus artists, bet only Janis Rozentāls has a stone on the banks of the Ciecere.
The stone is located on the right bank of the Ciecere River by the water near the bridge. The stone has been moved an a piece has broken off is now located in the water of the Ciecere River. The artist once sat on this stone and painted. The stone is also seen in his paintings “At the Spring” and “Winter Landscape”. Other local vistas are portrayed in paintings of the painter’s birthplace. [See History of Janis Rozentāls]
Janis Rozentāls History and Art Museum of Saldus
Striķu iela 22, 
Saldus, Saldus raj. LV-3800
Lat: N56.6632508, Lon: E022.4963794
Tel: +371 26534259
The museum complex includes four buildings housing a total of - the museum collections, art exhibition hall, exhibition hall and the history of the administration. The museum goes back to 1947 when a decision on its creation. The original museum is a treasure Rosenthal contemporaries Martha Wind gathered a collection of the artist's original work.
One of the complex of buildings designed by Rosenthal is a residential building with a workshop, which started construction in 1899. The great Saldus countrymen after the construction completion stayed here only two years "1901/1902", their future activities have been directed towards Riga. Janis Rosenthal Saldus History and Art Museum is the only place for Latvian, Latvian painting seen with GM creative early period originals. A little while dear family and personal things provides insight into the artist's that time everyday.
Currently, Janis Rosenthal house accustomed place in the Latvian old masters and contemporary artists from the host Gunta Priedaika-made and sweet collection donated.
The museum offers a look at –
History exhibition "Saldus 1253-1940";
Janis Rosenthal paintings and personal effects;
"Excellent Saldus paintings at the Museum" - G.Priedaika collection of paintings;
Open the collections view.
Sweet historical center;
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