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Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Saldus - "piliens medus" Kurzemē – Салдус - "Капля меда" в Курляндии – Saldus - ein "Drop of Honey" in Kurland
Colorful flower bed
Striķu Street - Oldest street in Saldus
Saldus Sweet "Food" Factory - Milk Sweets "Gotiņa
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Saldus Martin Luther's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church
Ciecere River, Ciecere Nature Trail

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a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Striķu Street - Oldest street in Saldus
Welcome to Saldus a "Drop of Honey" in Courland,
With “TheCeļotājs” visit to another of the many Latvian Cities, Towns and Villages, as we visit the Town of Saldus, Latvia and explore Saldus may historical sights and landmarks with our host and guide Laura Liepina of Saldus Tourism Information Centre. 
As we explore the town of Saldus, we can see its early and present day history with its many wooden structures as well as modern day structures. With its old cobblestone as well as more modern paved streets. While I was visiting Saldus, they even had a street reconstruction and repaving ceremony, even with speeches and ribbon cutting. Bridge reconstruction and new construction of a new music school being built with an opening schedule of 2013. One has to visit Saldus yourself to see its many historical sights as well as feel its historical heritage.
Legend about Saldus
In the spot where Saldus resides today, there once was a large hill. At the top of this hill, a small boy tended his pigs. One day this boy discovered a large hole in the hill and crawled into it. Inside he found a town with friendly inhabitants. They served him sweet food and drinks. In the evening, the pigs returned home without the boy. All wandered what had happened to the boy. He returned home only the next day. The locals inquired, “Where were you all night long?” The boy replied, “I ate sweetly, I drank sweetly, on top of Saldus hill.” As the boy spoke these words, the hill exploded and from underneath, a town rose.
So it had happened as ordained – when the name of the town is spoken, the town will rise up.
Saldus is a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Saldus is a small town in Courland nestled in a cozy valley next to the River Ciecere and Lake  Saldus, so that sharp winds rush over it, but all the good things trickle into the heart of the town.
Drop by drop, history, art, culture, and activity flow into Saldus creating a sweet and extraordinary fusion. Like a drop of honey has to be tasted when melting on the tongue, also Saldus has to be discovered step by step enjoying the atmosphere of the town and finding new and unexpected delights.
Saldus can be discovered as the "Sweet Town" watching the brisk activities of the local sweets manufacturers and tasting their products; as the town of Janis Rozentāls taking a tour to the great Latvian artist's favorite painting locations and seeing the church he depicted on his diploma painting. One can also listen to popular songs and sing along until the dawn at the rock festival “Saldus Saule” “The Sun of Saldus”, which is the oldest and richest in tradition rock festival in Latvia.
In the surrounding area there is a wide choice of recreational possibilities for extreme adventure lovers, nature friends and creative people who like to get acquainted with the local culture and history.
These are only a few of the many historical and modern day sights that can be seen and found in the Town of Saldus. The people of Saldus and 
"TheCeļotājs" invites you to visit Saldus to see and enjoy these many sights. 
Ir drošs un Priecīga laiks
Есть сейф и радостное время

Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church Alter

Saldus Town Hall and Tourist Information Center
Kapellers' House
Saldus Children's Playground
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Alter
Saldus Martin Luther's Evandelical Lutheran Church Alter
Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church Alter
Saldus Castle Mound and Lake Saldus