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Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
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Saldus a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Upon the conclusion of my day and half visit and guided excursion of Saldus, I was asked of all the places and sights visited, what were the most interesting places and sights to me. Since I was still downloading and processing all the data that I had taken in during this time, All I could do was name a couple of places and sights. Now that I have had time to reflect back and process all the date that I had taken in the pictures and information, I have to say at this time, it is hard to name just one two or even three places or sights, because every place we went and everything I saw was very interesting to me, be it one of the old historical churches, the very colorful and well designed flower beds located through the town, to its river and nature trails that run through Saldus to visiting a candy factory. 
I can say one thing for sure, I have never visited a candy factory before that does everything by hand and uses "only" natural dairy products before. Form the making the candy, cutting the candy to the hand wrapping of each piece of candy, all this is done by hand. The factories I have visited in the past, the only thing that was done by hand was the filling the machines that made the produce to the wrapping, boxing or bagging the products. This factory was amazing sight from start to it finished product to its shop that sells its products. 
The second places visited and were of interest, was the two Lutheran churches and their history, both Saint John's Lutheran Church and Martin Luther's Lutheran Church. Their  exterior and interior maybe plan to other churches, but it is not the décor that makes a church, it is what it stands for. But the most interesting church I visited was Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church and its interior, especially it's alter and alter area. Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church, has a very interesting construction history. One has to just visit Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church to hear it for yourself. Of all the churches I have visited through out my visits to Latvia, I have to say even though Saint John's Lutheran Church and Martin Luther's Lutheran Church have plan interior and alter area, they are both rich in their own history. But the most significant is Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church. Of all the catholic churches I have visited while visiting Latvia, Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church, even though it has a somewhat  plan décor and alter area, it is done in very good taste. The third sight, I have to say was the many colorful flower beds that are located through the town. Be it city maintained or are just privately maintained. They are breathtaking. I won't even try and name the many different types of flowers or plants that they are made up from, I will leave that for someone else. 
So let's see, we have the Candy Factory, known as the Saldus Sweet Factory - Milk Sweets "Gotiņa", the two Lutheran Churches, a Roman Catholic Church and the many colorful flower beds. As for the river and nature trails, that just isn't my cup of tea. But don't get me wrong, if you're into nature hikes, Ciecere River and its Nature Trails that runs through Saldus are well worth seeing. But don't let my non interest in rivers and nature trails stop you from visiting Saldus and enjoying all the sights it has to offer. Saldus has many different places to visit and sights to see, just depending on ones interest and taste maybe. There are museums to visit in Saldus and around Saldus, festivals at different times of the year that one can attend; their biggest festival is in June, which is the midsummer festival. They have music festivals at different times during the year also. If you are interest in artwork or hand made crafts, being pottery painting, wooden, cloth or knitted items, you can find and visit them in the many different shops located in Saldus or its central market. Here again, it just depends in what one is interested in or doing. Unfortunate I didn't have, due to my tight schedule, time visit the different museum in and located around Saldus. Being so. I have another reason to return for another visit to Saldus with more time built in my schedule.
I would also like to take this time to thank my host and guide Laura Liepina of Saldus Tourism Information Centre for taking the time and showing me the sights of Saldus and also taking the time to make arrangements to visit and photograph the interior's of Saint John's Lutheran Church, Martin Luther's Lutheran Church and Saint Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church. And also setting up the appointment to take the excursion of Saldus Candy Factory "Saldus Sweet Factory - Sweets Milk "Gotiņa". Thank you very much Laura. 
To all else I will say this, I hope to see you in Saldus during my next visit to Saldus, and enjoy your visit.
Lai viss pārējais es saku, es ceru redzēt jūs Saldū laikā manu nākamo vizīti Saldū, un baudīt savu vizīti Saldus
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