“TheCeļotājs” –
Saldus – a "Drop of Honey" in Courland
Saldus City Secondary School No. 2 – 
Jaņa Rozentāla iela 17,
Lat: N56.66104, Lon: E022.50227
This is another one of Saldus Soviet era Elementary Schools built in 1978.
This is a rough Google translation of Saldus City Secondary School No. 2 history from their website, http://2vsk.saldus.lv/, which I have taken it from their history page word for word and have not tried
to correct it. 
Where did we come from ...
The current Public Service Administration Building was Ciecere Parish School, the manager was Stamars said. There's also worked on his daughter. When the 1935th The manager Stamars retired, his place was taken by Peter Kurzemnieks.
Ciecere Parish Government decided to build a new school. A new modern building
1939th of 23 September hosted by the consecration of the newly built school, calling it than 15. May primary.
School administrators were Peter Kurzemnieks, the next Karl Upmanis managers, John German. After the Second World War, the school was called Ciecere seven-year school. Its directors were Ampermanis July, Martha and Anthony Zaļupe sedges.
1960th In autumn, when Ciecere seven years of school premises arranged by the newly established boarding students and staff with all the equipment moved to the city - the former school premises Saldus August 5 now "Striku" Street 3. Since the city already is 1. and 2. seven-year school, the newcomer awarded 3rd Round number. Later called Saldus 3.astoņgadīgā School. Its directors are: Antonina Carex Argods Rutenberga, Mirdza pie and Andris Rudovics.1978. Autumn School once again experiencing Jurgis - he moves to a new school at the types of forest.
After World War II Russian children from 1945 up to 1947 learn Ciecere seven-year Russian school stream. Autumn of 1947 establishes Saldus second seven-School later - "Saldus second eight-year School". Throughout the year, the director of the Lily lake.
1978th year and the school moved to new premises. The merger of the two schools, bilingual education institution formed - Saldus second High School.
The new school was designed for students in 1072. It was built by the 22nd construction management 2.iecirknis. Construction work began in January 1978, and September 1 were already begin training. By August, no one believed it would happen in March at the beginning of the construction site looked like this,
                                     April 6, would be better
                                     The middle of summer ... 
Building was announced a shock-Komsomol.
Increased the number of construction workers in the summer, piekomandēja bricklayers, decorators from different companies. The work involved in the Komsomol. Ancillary took the older pupils. But in August, when the school principal decoration came to an end, worked as teachers, parents and junior students. Often teachers as window cleaning, floor washing, went home in the dark
Work helped a lot of parents. Without their performance is unlikely to school to work to start on September 1. August 31 builders have carpeted the street Rosenthal plates to students would come to school in a muddy street in asphalt pavement on the not yet.
Previously been carried out preparatory work. Students divided into classes, class names drawn on plywood plates.
1978th September 1 was a festival for the whole Saldus: many families but the kids went to a new school. People stood in the street corners, watching the students march. It started in the city center. Both schools collectively went to the Dismantling of the Lenin solemn rally and then to the new school! 
School attended the opening Saldus district and city executives and builders. The representative of the Director Klara Rateniecei presented a symbolic key to the school.
And then the students went to classes and everything started!
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