“TheCeļotājs” –
Priekule Town Sights in Courland
Priekule Swedish Gate – ANNO 1688 –
Lat: N56.43877, Lon: E021.58255
Zviedru vārtu iela 5, Priekule, LV-3434
In the year 1688, a passable Swedish Gate was built with a Korff family emblem hammered in the Cothland sandstone, a silver bullet and a mascaron at the central part of the façade of the gate. In the niches, stone guard soldiers with a threatening look were built in both sides of the Priekule manor gate passageway. The more then two meters high sculptures were comically colored, the boots of the soldiers were black, the trousers were blue and the jackets were brown. Before the Second World War, there had been a belief, if one was to kiss a belly-button of the guard soldiers, then this person would experience happiness in the future. Today the Swedish Gate is guarded by wooden soldiers made by local masters, and you can definitely try to kiss their belly-button. When I visited the Swedish Gate, the building was in disarray and in bad need of repair and up keep. Nor were the wooden soldiers were present. The area around the Swedish Gate was under construction, this maybe why the wood soldiers were missing and why the building is such disarray. 
Priekule Castle Manor – ANNO 1797 –
Album Priekule Swedish Gate – ANNO 1688 –
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