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Priekule Town Sights in Courland
Priekule Evangelical Lutheran Church – ANNO 1680 –
Lat: N56.44192, Lon: E021.58461
Aizputes iela 10, 
Priekule Lutheran church was built in baron times around 1680. In 1792, it experienced reconstruction and gained its present look. The church has always been small; it can host only around 100 people at the same time.
Even today there are many legends about the church. Marta Ķere has heard, that in the manor times “in the middle or the second half of the 19th century”, when the church was surrounded by fields of crops an unbelievable event happened there. Manor worker women had been loading oats, and two girls had agreed to climb through a window in the church cellar on the side of the dressing chamber, where at a depth of around two meters barons had laid in coffins. Stories were told that the barons had been very rich, and the girls needed to see the treasures in the coffins. One had soon climbed out, but the other one had stayed in for longer. A man walking around the church had heard a girl groaning. This girl had died soon afterwards, but the first one received punishment, to sit in front of the altar for the whole time of the service.
During the Second World War the church, as well as the biggest part of the city was totally destroyed. In the year 1997, renovation of the church began roofs were put on using funds donated in Germany and the parish. The students of the Department of Woodworks of Riga Secondary School of Arts and Crafts did the internal works of Priekule church, the renovation of the altar and pulpit. On 6 June 1998 the church experienced its resurrection, because the parish started their spiritual life again in the renovated church and at the peak of the tower a rooster appeared.
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