“TheCeļotājs” –
Priekule Town Sights in Courland
"TheCeļotājs" - Priekules pilsētas apskates Kurzemē  
Castle Observation Tower - ANNO 1680
Priekule Lutheran Church - ANNO 1680  
Priekule Russian World War II Military "Soviet Warrior's" Cemetery  
View of Aizputes iela

Priekule Swedish Gate - ANNO 1688
Welcome to Priekule and Priekule Region!
Join “TheCeļotājs” latest excursions of Latvian Cities, Towns and Villages as we visit the Town of Priekule Latvia and explore Priekule sights with our host and guide Shoe Leather of Priekule Tourism Information Centre, located at Skolas iela 1. Starting that the Aizpute Tourism Information Centre, we will begin our excursion and exploring the town of Priekule and its many historical structures and sights with the many pictures of Priekule.
If you have decided to travel around Latvia, do not forget to visit Priekule and Priekule Region in the very southwest of Latvia where the borderline with the Republic of Lithuania goes. In Priekules Region you will meet many warm-hearted and creative people, who still honor Ikars of Priekule, a manor blacksmith, who by landing from the church tower with his self-made wings proved to the world that a man can fly like birds. The legend about Ikars of Priekule is still alive today, it is reflected in the emblem of the region, and in honor of this legend each year on the second Saturday of August we are celebrating the biggest festival in the region. We suggest you to begin your journey across the Priekule Region from Priekule, the Swedish gate “Zviedru vārti” a very symbolic place where seven roads have crossed since ancient times. In the renovated Lutheran church you can get to know the history of Priekule, listen to the sounds of the organ and see Priekule’s surroundings through the windows of the church tower. In Priekule Parish, we encourage you to commemorate World War II by visiting the Memorial of Warrior’s Cemetery and reading the death-rolls of killed soldiers. But from the viewpoints of the nature reserve park in Ruņupe valley you can find similarities with the most beautiful places in Latvia.
We invite you to visit the parishes of our region, to see the Vārtāja primeval Valley in Virga, the mightiness of the manor houses, to fish and boat in the Prūši Reservoir, in Kalēti to go for a walk through the forest park “Priediens” and Kalētu centre, in Gramzda to climb the church tower and listen to ghost stories and legends about Aizvīķi Manor and Aizvīķi Park, and to sit down in Krote under the leafy branches of Alfrēds Krūklis’ “Crabapple” and to think about the Swedish times in the surroundings of Tadaiķi.
We welcome you to visit Priekule and Priekule Region, to enjoy the beautiful nature scenery, relax from the everyday rush and participate in our region’s events of leisure activities! I hope that this leaflet and map will help you to plan your travel-route across Priekule region.

View of Priekule from the Countryside   
Priekule Castle Manor - ANNO 1797
Priekule Lutheran Church Alter Area
Priekule Russian World War II "Soviet Warrior's" Cemetery  
View of Buildings along Saules iela