“TheCeļotājs” –
Pāvilosta Saka Parish Sights in Courland
The Grey Dunes of Pāvilosta 
Lat: N56.89321, Lon: E021.18601
Kalna iela 33,
The Grey Dunes of Pāvilosta are one of the most varied grey dunes in Latvia – they are included in the list of EU protected biotopes. They spread to the north from the Saka mouth within the length of 1.5km and their width  reaches 200, and even 740 meter in some places. The area of the Nature Reserve "Pāvilosta Grey Dune" is 42.5 ha. The Nature Reserve was established on 30 October 2007 so that to provide the largest grey dune in Latvia, a specially protected biotope – a grey dune covered by caulescent plants, grey dunes with shrubbery stands, woody seaside dunes, dry heath of sand plains of the coastal lowland and protection of the specially protected species living there. 
In Soviet time, local fishermen used to dry seaweed in dunes for production of agar, and thus rich vegetation developed in the dune. The Grey Dune is part of a unique landscape with the sea view, the traditional architecture of Pāvilosta fishing town, and biotopes, including protected, which border the nature reserve: pine forest, embryonic dunes, white dunes, and wet beech where once can find springs. Biotope 2130, “Fixed dunes with herbaceous vegetation "Grey Dunes” is found here. At present, pines are taking over the biotope, therefore some maintenance activities are required. The Grey Dune is most beautiful in the second half of July and in August when the blossoming Breckland Thyme "Thymus serpyllum" and Narrowleaf Hawkweed "Hieracium umbellate" color the dune in shades of yellow and violet. The most typical species here are Pasqueflower "Pulsatilla pretense", Grey Hair-grass "Corynephorus canescens", Blue Hair Grass "Koeleria glauca", Sand Pink "Dianthus arenarius".
The Grey Dune earned wide recognition when a group of enthusiasts actively campaigned for six years to achieve the status of the nature reserve. Guna Grimsta, a group representative remembers that they organized events and activities throughout Latvia involving large part of the society, prominent personalities, church parishes, NGOs, school youth and university students. The activists were writing letters, making videos, doing research articles, composing music, collecting signatures and submitting proposals to achieve official status of the Grey Dune as an especially protected nature site. They organized seminars, concerts, art plenaries and exhibitions, educational excursions, joint-work, musical church services, meetings with high officials and their on-site visits to the Grey Dune.
The nature reserve "Grey Dune of Pāvilosta” was established in 30 October 2007. It is the most recent Natural 2000 site in Latvia. 
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