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Pāvilosta Saka Parish Sights in Courland
Pāvilosta Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church – ANNO 1999 
Lot: N56.88535, Lon: E021.18269
Meza iela 1b,
After the Second World War in the 50-ties of XX century more than 100 Catholic people were moved from Grīņi and Jūrkalne to Pāvilosta. On 7 May 1998, Catholic parish was established and therefore the possibility to build a Catholic church in Pāvilosta was provided.
The location for the church was selected by support and recommendation of Pāvilosta Council. Owing to the care of Latvian emigrant Bruno Danis living in Australia, organizer’s talent of Dean Vilhelms Lapelis, skills of the company workers and work of several people living in Pāvilosta, the new Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church was built in 1999. It was dedicated on 23 September 2000. 
Ship “Dole” – ANNO 1950 to 1960 –
Album Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church – ANNO 1999 – 
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