“TheCeļotājs” –
Pāvilosta Saka Parish Sights in Courland
Pāvilosta Boat Museum  
Lat: N56.88939, Lon: E021.17216
Dzintaru iela 1,
Pāvilosta Local Boat Museum is located in a single one story red brick building along the Saka River and harbor and is dedicated to the local 19th century fishermen and their old wooden row boats, fishing nets and fish traps. You can also find 16th to late 18th century tools and furnishings that could be found and were used in and around Pāvilosta. Some of the furnishings that can be found in this museum are a single bed and its blankets, a wooden chest, wardrobe. There is even a milk separator used in that time to separate the milk from the cream. The cream was used to make butter. There is even a spinning wheel. As for the tools, some I know what they are, why others I have no idea as to what they are or even used for. The ones I do know what they are, is a wood plane, foot powered wood lath, hand cranked grinder, a foot powered band saw, standing in the corner is a very large bellows, with a hand turned gristmill use to grind grain. 
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