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Nazi German Army Invasion of Latvia
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     Situation in Europe by May/June 1941, immediately before
     Operation Barbarossa
Nazi Germany terminated the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact with its invasion of the Soviet Union at 03:15hrs on Sunday, 22 June 1941 with the Nazi Army invasion of Latvia with Liepāja was targeted by the Nazis as a town of special importance. It was a naval base and also an important international port. As such, the population was suspected of being more sympathetic to Communism. The German army planned to capture the city on the first day of the war, Sunday, 22 June 1941. The attack on Liepāja was led by the German 291st Infantry Division. Strong resistance by the Red Army and other Soviet forces prevented the Germans from entering the city until June 29, 1941, and resistance, including sniper fire, continued within the city for several days afterwards. The city was heavily damaged in the fighting and fires burned for days.
                  Europe at the height of Nazi German domination 1941-1942