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Venta River –
Lat: N56.9699724, Lon: E021.9775192
Baznīcas iela 36, 
Venta River Latvian ‘vænta, Lithuanian: ven’ta, German: Windau, Polish: Windawa, Livonian: “Vǟnta joug” is a river in north-western Lithuania and western Latvia. Its source is near Kuršėnai in the Lithuanian Šiauliai County. It flows into the Baltic Sea at Ventspils in Latvia.
Cities along the Venta include Mažeikiai “Lithuania”, Kuldīga and Ventspils in Latvia. It has only one, Abava, tributary longer than 100 km. Tributary Virvyčia at 99.7km is just shy from 100 km mark. Another tributary Varduva is 96 km long
and flows into Venta at the Lithuanian-Latvian border.
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