“TheCeļotājs” –
Kuldīga Town Sights in Courland
Kuldīga Castle Paper Mill, Pond and Alekšupīte Waterfall –
Lat: N56.9696973, Lon: E021.9755105
Kalna iela 27, 
Mills are mentioned in the oldest documents about Kuldiga. It is believed that they were built at the same time. The waters of Alekšupīte River, fall from a height of 4.50 meters and is the heights natural waterfall in Latvia. In the time of the Duchy, gunpowder was made here. The mill was restored in 1807 and from 1820 till 1838 functioned as a paper mill. After 1961, the mill became an appliance repair shop, but today stands idle and awaits the future.
The waterfall is the highest in Latvia 4.50 meters and 8 meters wide “13.62 feet high and 26.25 feet wide”. It was fortified in the 17th century to support the first paper mill in Courland.
Today, the Castle Mill Building is in general need of repair and as of today, repairs are being made to its roof. The concrete and stone dam, spill way and its sluice gates are in much need of repairs. The current walk bridge that runs along the top of the dam, is closed due to its current state of the wooden deck is rotten and falling in with some of the wooden planks are missing.
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