“TheCeļotājs” –
Kuldīga Town Sights in Courland
Former Jewish Synagogue Building Complex – ANNO 1875 
Lat: N56.96940, Lon: E021.96873 
1905 gaga iela 6, 
One of the largest buildings in Kuldīga, 1905 gada iela 6 is the Jewish Synagogue Building Complex. Documents in ancient Hebrew describing the construction of the building in 1875 are located in the Kuldīga District Museum. The documents were found in 1956 when the synagogue was rebuilt to house a movie theatre during the Soviet occupation. It was placed in a bottle and ensconced in the façade of the building in the spot where the theatre doors were placed. The renovations changed the façade of the building as well as the central plan. An old postcard shows that the territory of the synagogue had been encircled by a fence with a large gate and entry to the building was from the courtyard. Long one-story red brick building line both sides of the synagogue.
The Duchy of Courland was the initial place of Jewish settlement in the territory of Latvia. Most of the first immigrants came from northwestern German territories but around the mid 17th century unrest in Poland cause an influx of Jews from that region. By the 18th century, the Jewish population of Kurzeme played an active role in the economic life of the province.
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