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Kuldīga Town Sights in Courland
Maisonette of the Castle Guard House – ANNO 1735 
Lat: N56.9692366, Lon: E021.9764732
Pils iela 4, 
On the left bank of the Venta at Pils iela 4 stands the Castle Guard House ANNO 1735. The house is also known as the Executioner’s House. Approximately 10 meters from the house, a small stream with slightly red-colored water flows into the Venta. It appears that iron hydroxide found at the bottom colors the water, but Medieval legend tells of the executioner who lived and performed his duties not far from here.
Legend also claims that the house was built by the castle gate’s last watchman whose job it was to prevent the citizens from taking stones from the castle walls. In truth, the house was built half a century after Duke Jacob’s death.
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