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Grobiņa Town Sights in Courland
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Grobina Town Sights in Courland
Upon the conclusion of my visit and excursion of the Town of Grobina, I must say even though Grobina has many historical sights that date as far back as the mid to late 15th century I was only able to visit a couple of them. Grobina Lutheran Church and then walk across the street to Grobina Castle Ruins. I was able to locate what is called Grobina Castle Hill "Skābārža kalns" which was inhabited during from the 5th to 13th centuries. The only problem is I have not been able to find  any further information on Grobina Castle Hill other then what is printed on the sign located before you climb the steeps that leads to its top. I do have to say once on top of the hill you have a vast view of the area around it. There has been studies of the area, but I have not found them that are in English. I also under stand the Vikings once traveled through this area as early as around 800 A.D. That around the year 650 and 800 Grobina place was a great Norse settlement. Also located in the area is the burial mounds of former Scandinavian settlement. The settlement pre-dates the Viking Age, but was apparently used as a place of passage by Vikings from the early 9th century. In fact, Grobina is much older then the City of Liepaja, 4 April 1253 and even the City of Riga also. For the City of Riga was founded in the year 1201. If one is interest in studying archaeology of the Viking age, this is a good place to start. Due to the lack of time, I wasn't able to visit any of these burial mounds, maybe next visit. 
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