“TheCeļotājs” –
Courland "Kurzeme" Region Sights
Kurzemes Tūrisma informācijas centri
     Liepāja Regional Tourism Information Centre 
    Lat: N56.507931, Lon: E021.012114 
    Rožu laukums 5/6, 
    Liepāja, LV-3401, Latvija 
    Tel: +371 634 80808, 
           +371 29402111, 
    Email: info@liepajaturisms.lv 
    Website: http://www.liepajaturisms.lv 
     Grobiņas Tourism Information Centre 
    Lielā iela 76, 
    Grobiņa, Latvia 
    Telephone: +371 634 90458 
    Email: grobinatic@inbox.lv
    Website: http://www.grobinaturisms.lv [Latvian Only] 
     Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre 
    Lat: N56.96767, Lon: E021.97094 
    Baznīcas iela 5, 
    Kuldiga, LV-3301 Latvia 
    Tel/Fax: +371 633 22259 
    Mobile:  +371 293 34403 
    Fax:       +371 633 22259 
    Email: tourinfo@kuldiga.lv 
    Website: http://www.visit.kuldiga.lv 
    Artis Gustovskis, Director 
    Email: artis@kuldiga.lv 
    Tel: +371 29262583 
     Saldus Tourist Information Centre 
    Saldus municipal agency "Saldus Tourist Information Centre" 
    Lat: N56.66561, Lon: E022.49370 
    Striķu iela 3, 
    Saldus, Latvia 
    Telephone:  +371 638 07443 
    Telephone:  +371 638 07443 
    Fax:             +371 638 07443 
    Email: tic@saldus.lv 
    Saldus Website: http://www.saldus.lv/?lang=EN 
    Tourist Website: http://turisms.saldus.lv/ 
    Laura Liepina, 
    International Relation and Tourism Specialist 

     Pāvilosta Tourism Information Centre
    Lat: N56.88879, Lon: E021.17393
    Dzintaru iela 2
    Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads
    Telephone: +371 634 98229
    Telephone: +371 291 21894
    Email: tic@pavilosta.lv  
    Website: http://www.pavilosta.lv
    Website: http://www.pavilosta.lv/en/Tourism
     Aizpute Tourist Information Centre
    Lat: N56.72255, Lon: E021.59740
    Skolas iela 1
    Aizpute, Aizputes novads
    Telephone: +371 296 23284
    Fax:            +371 634 48880
    Email: aizpute.tic@apollo.lv
    Website: Under Construction

     Priekule Tourist Information Centre
    Lat: N56.44809, Lon: E021.58853
    Saules iela 1
    Priekule, Latvia
    Telephone: +371 634 59070
    Mobile:       +371 265 66911 
    Email: turisms@priekule.lv
    Website: http://priekule.lkdc.lv

This list is just a few of the Tourist Information Centre’s that are located in Courland Region Cities and the hundreds of Latvian cities. For a more complete List of Tourist Information Centre’s in Latvia by Regions: http://www.latvia.travel/en/tourist-information-centres

Please Note: Some of the listed Tourist Information Centre’s Websites are in "Latvian Only" and it is also possible that they are old links and do not work. The ones I have listed above currently work as of the date of this publication or as noted. 
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