“TheCeļotājs” –
Courland "Kurzeme" Region Sights
Index of Courland "Kurzeme" Region Monuments  
Commemorative Stone of the Repressed People of Virga parish, that in 1941 and 1949 Virga parish people were Deportation to Siberia –
Lat: N56.47805, Lon: E021.44944
Located at the crossroads of Liepāja, Priekule, Paplaka and Bunka roads meet,
Stūri, Virga, Latvia
Memorial for Deported Persons and Persons who fought against Soviets –
Lat: N56.59197, Lon: E021.37469
Aizputes iela 12,
Līguti, Latvia
Memorial Ensemble to The Deported People “krusta ceļš” Way of the Cross –
Lat: N56.44529, Lon: E022.12309 
Svētās Agates baznīca,
Kalni, Latvia
Memorial Carriage and Exhibit to the 1941 and 1941 Deportations –
East side of Skrunda Railway Station
Lat: N56.68045, Lon: E022.01298
Stacijas iela 2,
Skrunda, Latvia
Monument in Remembrance of 58 people of Jurkalne who were killed, died, and are missing in Revolution of 1905, World War I and Latvian Freedom Fights –
Lat: N57.00527, Lon: E021.38555 
Located along Route P111
Jūrkalne, Latvia
Monument to the 1905 Russian Revolution
Located along P112 and in Aizpute parish
Lat: N56.73621, Lon: E023.22829 
Located along Route A9,
Dzeņi, Pienava, Latvia
Monument proclaiming that At this point, the 1907 August 17 Revolutionary Ernesta Rolavs was shot dead
Lat: N56.53041, Lon: E021.14765
Mazarāji, Grobiņas parish, Latvia
Lat: N56.59060, Lon: E021.36260 
Located along Route A9,
Raiņa iela 13,
Durbe parish, Latvia
ĀDOLFS VALTERS – Latvian Freedom Fighter and Second Members of the Saeima
Monument to Arvidam Manfeildam who drained 100000 Hectors of land
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