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Aizpute Town Sights in Courland
   History of Aizpute
Aizpute; German: "Hasenpoth" is a town in western Latvia's Aizpute municipality in the valley of Tebra River, 50km "31.07 miles" northeast of Liepāja.
It was founded as the castle of Hasenpoth of a German Crusaders order in 1248 and was granted the Magdeburg rights on 17 March 1378. The town is considered to have been founded in 1249, during the time when the German Livonian Order began construction of the castle near the Tebra River. Aizpute has been the capitol both Kurzeme's diocese and Piltene region.
During 1611-1795 it was under the power of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth as part of the Powiat Piltynski "District of Piltene", followed by the annexation by the Russian Empire during the Third partition of Poland.
Its current name is the Lettization of the German one and is officially in use since 1917. 
Aizpute Municipality, Latvian: "Aizputes novads" is a municipality in Courland, Latvia. The municipality was formed in 2009 by merging Aizpute town, Aizpute parish, Cīrava parish, Kalvene parish, Kazdanga parish and Laža parish the administrative centre being Aizpute.
Country  Latvia
Coordinates: 56°43′N 21°36′E
Centre Aizpute
Town rights 1378
Total Area 6.9 km2 "2.7 sq mi"
Total Population 5104
District Aizpute Municipality Formed in 2009
Number of City Council Members: 11
Mayor: Aivars Šilis
Total: 640.2 km2 "247.2 sq mi"
Total  Population 2010: 10,368
Density: Bad rounding here16/km2 "Bad rounding here42/sq miles"
Density: 742/km2 "1,920/sq miles"
Time zone: EET "UTC+2"
Summer: (DST EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code: LV-3456
Calling code: +371 634
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