“TheCeļotājs” –
Aizpute Town Sights in Courland
Burial Place for Soldiers who Fell in World War II 
Lat: N56.71323, Lon: E021.61409 
Jura Mātera iela 2,
Located in this small cemetery are the graves of those soldiers who fell during World War II. There is no central location for their graves, for they are scatted through out this cemetery. As we walk through this cemetery, it is hard to identify there graves since it is now weed covered with knee high weeds and the headstones are in such a disarray it is totally imposable to know who is who or tell the military graves from the civilian graves. The only ones that you can tell who they are their names are engraved in their granite headstone.  If one had not been told it was a Burial Place for Soldiers who Fell in World War II, it would look like just another poorly maintained and abandoned cemetery that can be found throughout Latvia.
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