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Turaida Church and Turaida Castle –
Lat: N57.18483, Lon: E024.84909 
Turaidas iela 10, Sigulda, Siguldas novads, Latvia 
Join “TheCeļotājs” visit to Turaida Church and Turaida Castle, located at Turaidas iela 10, Sigulda, Siguldas novads, Latvia. The first building we cone to in the Turaida Museum Reservation is the Turaida Church, which is a wooden church. Then walking on from the Turaida Church, we come to the Turaida Castle.  
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Attention, this is a National Scale Cultural Monument!
The visitors are pleased to act carefully and with respect to cultural monument. For intentional or accidental damage can be applied administrative liability.
Turaida wooden church is located not far from the castle in the place where ancient churches were built and where was arranged “Medieval Cemetery”. It is the oldest wooden church built by country craftsmen which survived in its place in Vidzeme. It was built in 1750 by local craftsmen therefore initially church did not have belfry. Bell was hanged between beams next to the church. Near the church there was a cemetery of baptisized Livs which is known from 13th century. Since second half of 18th century it was forbidden to bury the dead near churches in such a way cemetery gradually disappeared. Up to nowadays only one burial place has survived – it is memorial place to the girl named Maija – Rose of Turaida. Legend tells us about life of Maija, her faithful love and death. “It was in the beginning of 17th century during Polish – Swedish war. Clerk of the castle Mr. Greif found small girl whose mother was killed in the war. He adopted this girl as his own. When the girl grew up she was very beautiful and diligent girl …” What happened next you will find out when you will come to Turaida.
Note: Church is available only in Summer time from 01.05. – 01.11, except Mondays and Tuesdays. Interior of the church has survived from 18th century exhibition is dedicated to the history of the church and archeological investigations in the Medieval cemetery. Lutheran congregation has services twice a month. 
Turaida Castle
Turaidas iela 10, Sigulda, Siguldas novads, Latvia
Lat: N57.18215, Lon: E024.85042
Its name is said to derive from Toro Aida, or God's Garden in Livonian. Anyway, it is generally considered one of the most romantic places in Latvia. Was the site of the fortress of the Livonian headman Kaupo, who was the first Livonian to be christened and travel to Rome. This was destroyed during an uprising in 1212. In 1214 Bishop Albert built a stone castle on the site. Often destroyed and rebuilt during the centuries. Major reconstructions started in 1953 and continue to this day. The central watchtower is still largely original. From it one has a wide view over the surrounding forests of the Gauja national park and the river Gauja itself.
Notice: Specially protected cultural monument Turaida Museum Reserve
Specially protected cultural monument Turaida Museum Reserve is located 50 km to north from Riga, the capital of Latvia in Turaida – in the place which is well known with its beautiful environment and significant historical experience. Turaida in the language of Livs, ancient inhabitants, means “Garden of God”. Everybody who arrives in Turaida is convinced of the harmony of nature and creative work of the man and its inimitable impression. The territory of 42 ha of Museum Reserve is rich in the monuments of archeology, architecture, history and art which tell us about the events in the course of 1000 years starting with 11th century. Turaida Museum Reserve is many-sided museum – along with arrangement of expositions is carried out preservation of cultural environment as well as cultivation and arrangement of landscape and various activities to attract visitors. Turaida Museum Reserve is internationally well known object. We are taking part in the Association of Castles Around Baltic Sea, in the Centre of International Sculpture Gardens and Parks, museum staff are ICOM members. When arriving in Turaida Museum Reserve you can be acquainted with Medieval brick castle, ancient wooden church in the place of legendary Medieval churchyard, sculpture garden which is dedicated to Latvian folklore, part of former estate with maintenance buildings and renewed pound cascade.
    The Turaida Museum Reserve
    Turaidas iela 10,
    Sigulda, Siguldas novads, LV-2150, Latvija
    Contacts   +371 67971402 
    Email: turaida.muzejs@apollo.lv 
    Twitter: TURAIDASmuzejs 
    Website: http://www.turaida-muzejs.lv  
    Museum Reserve is open daily without free days
    From: 1 May – 1 November
    All Week 10:00 - 18:00 
    Vasaras sezonā ieeja teritorijā līdz 20.00
    From: 1 November – 1 May
    All Week 10:00 - 17:00
    In summer territory is open till 8 p.m.
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