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Krimulda Evangelic Lutheran Church – "Krimuldas baznīca" –
Lat: N57.16277, Lon: E024.76676 
"Krimuldas baznīca"
Zvirgzdiņi, Putniņi, Latvia 
Join “TheCeļotājs” visit to the Krimulda Evangelic Lutheran Church is located at Zvirgzdiņi, Putniņi, Latvia which is between “Turaida and Ragana” and is one of the first in Livonia. It does not stand out for its luxurious exterior or interior, however the ancient history is its real treasure: in 1205 priest Alobrant built a church in Kubesele inhabited by Livs, nearby the burnt down castle of Kaupo “leader of Livs, turned to Christian faith, visited the Pope of Rome”. Now a manor house is built on Kubesele castle mound, but at the foot of it there is a hillock which is called Kaupo burial site. Those who are not interested in the ancient history of the Baltic nations can visit meditation circle, maze of Krimulda Church which is designed after the floor maze in Chartres Cathedral, France at the beginning of the 13th century.
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Krimulda Evangelic Lutheran Church
"Krimuldas baznīca"
Zvirgzdiņi, Putniņi, Latvia
Contact: +371 29558822
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