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Bell Tower 
City of Riga from Saint Peter’s Church
Bell Tower
Rumbula Forest, Site of the 1941 Jewish Mass Murders
and Jewish Memorial 
Two of the six Mass Graves that are located in
Rumbula Forest
Biķernieku Forest, Site of the 1941/1944 Jewish Mass
Murders and Jewish Memorial 
Biķernieku Forest, This is the largest of the 53 Mass Graves 
that are located through the area
Flower Market along Terbatas iela                   
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Are you planning a trip or a vacation to Europe then why not visit the scenic beautiful and historical country of the Republic of Latvija “Latvia”. Latvia is located along the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga and the center of the three countries that make up The Baltic States. Latvia rich in historical and culture history and can trace its history back to some 9000 BC and with its thousands of historical structures and landmarks.
Latvija Tour Consultant Service will help you coordinate your visit and tour of the Latvian Countryside, the historical City of Riga or the City of Liepaja Latvia and its surrounding area with information on what to see and where to go be it a History or Art Museums, Historical Structures, Churches, Cathedrals’, the former 1941 Jewish Ghetto Area, the two 1941 Jewish Mass Execution sites. Biķernieku Forest is located 3 kilometers east of Riga Centre City and on the south side of Biķernieku iela and Rumbula Forest located 12 kilometers southeast of Riga and east of Maskavas iela. You can even visit the former Salaspils Concentration Camp located 18 km southeast of Riga and east of Maskavas iela.
While visiting the City of Liepaja, and its many historical wooden buildings, concrete and brick structures, museums, famous historical churches, cathedrals and landmarks, the most famous Liepaja cathedral and landmark is the Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral and its worlds larges and oldest organ in Europe or its fine white sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea. One must not forget to visit “Skede Dunes” the site of the Nazi’s 1941/1942 Jewish and non Jewish Mass Execution Site 15km north of the city.
A custom tour can be designed for you depending on the length of time you will be visiting Latvia and where you what to go or what you want to see. 
Welcome to "TheCeļotājs" - Travels around Latvia
With “TheCeļotājs” journey through time with the many pictures of the City of Riga, the City of Liepaja Latvia, and the Latvian countryside showing you the History of Latvia, the City of Riga, the City of Liepaja, we will also visit other Towns that are located in Courland Region. We will also explore the many Historical sights that can be found in the Latvian countryside, its past as will as its present day. Latvia is located along the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga it is part of the Baltic States. Riga is the capital of Latvia and is located along the Daugava River which flows into the Gulf of Riga. The City of Riga was founded in 1201 by Bishop Albert. The City of Riga has buildings, churches and cathedrals that date back to the 13th century. The countries history and historical history as well as its rich culture history go back much earlier then the 13th century.
“TheCeļotājs” will also show you some of the Jewish Sights that are located in and around the City of Riga and the City of Liepaja. These will include the area that made up the former Riga Jewish Ghetto. We will also visit the two Mass Jewish Execution sites, Biķernieku Forest which is by far the largest site of mass murders and burial of victims of Nazi terror in Latvia with more then 35,000 victims in some 55 mass graves from 1941 till 1944, located 3 kilometers east of Riga centre city and on the south side of Biķernieku iela, as well as Rumbula Forest, with more the 25,000 victims in 6 mass graves, located some 12 kilometers southeast of Riga. Located on a hill about 250 meters from the station, the massacre site was a “rather open and accessible place”. In 1944, the Nazis to hide there “Atrocities” returned to these sites, exhumed the bodies and then burned them. 
Touring Liepaja Latvia with its hundreds of photographs and many slideshows of the area of what the local’s residents call Old Town and parts of New Town, will take you on a walking tour of historical Liepaja Old Town and its many old wooden and brick structures as well as its many historical Churches and Cathedrals. You will also see the historical décor of the interior of Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral and Saint Joseph Catholic Cathedral. As some of you maybe young at heart, we will even climb the “137” wooden steps that wind around the inside of Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral’s bell tower to get a birds eye view of the City of Liepaja from the  walkway that runs around the outside of the bell tower. While we are inside the bell tower you will even see the clock movement that dates back to 1906 and is still working. You will even get a close up view of its two bells.
We will also visit the Skede “Šķēde” Dunes, which is located along the Baltic Sea coast line and 15km north of Liepaja, which is the largest site of the Nazi’s Mass Murder of Liepaja Jewish and non-Jewish people in 1941–1942. Today there is a Russian and Jewish and non Jewish Memorials dedicated to the Jewish and non Jewish people that were murdered in this location.
Not to be out done, we will visit the Karosta Area and the former Karosta Navel Port Prison and Museum, where we are given a personal guided tour of the former prison. Also located in this area we will visit the former Northern Forts Remnants of the Russian Tsar’s Defenses. And not far from the forts is the Northern Breakwaters that extends some 1800 meters from the shore line out into the Baltic Sea.
One has to visit Latvia and the City of Riga, the City of Liepaja and the Latvian country side to see and feel its historical history and its rich culture history. After you have been in Latvia for awhile, you not only can see the spirit of Latvia but you can feel the spirit of Latvia and the Latvian people. You might say you can even feel the countries heart beat.
Ruins of Liepaja Russian Tsar's era Battery Nr 3
Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral
                           “Exterior”                                        “Interior 
Bell Tower
City of Liepaja from Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral
Bell Tower
House of Peter the 1st “Pētera I namiņš” The Oldest
building in Liepaja
Šķēde Dunes – Site of the 1941 Mass Murders and
its Memorials
Ruins of Liepaja Russian Tsar's era Battery Nr 3
Northern Breakwaters, located north of Liepaja that extends
1800 meters into the Baltic Sea
Lestenes Brāļu kapsēta "Lestene Warriors’ Cemetery”